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What people have to say about us

Parents of a 5 year old autistic boy

“To hear my autistic son say “mum, mum” for the first time was pure magic. Horseshoes and Handprints have given us hope and progress with their personalised unique family experience. I cannot recommend them enough” “Nine months speech and language progress in 90 minutes, Visible results in our son after every session”

Mother of a 5 year old undergoing assessment

“Robyn and the team, just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday once again, Ollie was so relaxed when we got back home and I printed him off a collage of pictures which he took to bed with him last night. He even slept soundly without waking up rocking..... first time ever!!!! Another first, I now have a picture of him smiling and genuinely enjoying something. I can't thank you and your team enough; they were all brilliant and truly dedicated. The horses too were so well behaved and excellent, all a true credit to you and your training. Cannot wait to bring him back again to see him continue to benefit from this. xx”

… and 6 months later

“I just get so emotional at this place, because it really does work for our son. This is our continuing record of his amazing progress. He was recognizing colours, with words this time and what you don't see is that he retains this information. He would not and could not be able to do this if it wasn't for this place”.

Father of 5yo autistic boy

“I would recommend anyone who has a child with difficulties to visit this wonderful place, the staff, volunteers, ponies are very dedicated to put the child first at all times, creating a calm atmosphere. This really brought the family together for the day and much needed respite too. Many, many big thanks from all of us, we will definitely be back soon.”

Mother of 9yo girl with Rubinstein –Taybi syndrome.

“wow what a fantastic time we had watching our precious special needs daughter have such a fun therapy session yesterday she came away so laid back she was almost horizontal x”

Mother of 6 and 7 year old boys.

“This was from my son today who has ADHD and sensory issues. My two boys are inseparable, aged 7 and 6. today they were safe and comfortable to do their own thing and independently painted, groomed and rode the ponies. You are a very special lady and the whole team was wonderful! Thanks so much! I wish we lived closer ... Essex is a long way but I'm sure we’ll be back”

after 2nd visit

“Another massive thank you to you and your team for a wonderful day. The boys loved it and I can't believe you got me on a horse! Sarah thanks too for your kindness and caring and Mark for your wisdom and pointers to help. To the wonderfully patient ponies and superb volunteers today. Kind and patient and excellent with my boys!! Thanks xx

Horseshoes and Handprints.

Horseshoes and Handprints is a very special place,
Where horses and volunteers help our family to embrace,
Our love of nature combined with space.
Our girls feel real, in this very special place.
They always feel a connection to the horses in this place.

The horses are so special, to hear their heartbeats,
To feel their touch, this healing process means so much.
The volunteers are brilliant too, they feel the connection
Between hoofs hands and heartbeats, this gives us a holistic connection.
A place where confidences and friendships are built.

A place which gives us breathing space,
A place which reconnects family embrace,
This is what Horseshoes and Handprints mean to the Burt’s.
A family that needs lots of help to mend our children’s hurts.

You can paint them, you can hug them,
You can ride them, you can love them,
They remain in your dreams, they make you smile,
They are amazing, they are the best,
Our visits here give us so much happiness.

This poem is written by Karen Burt we are a very grateful adoptive family. We are thankful for the times we have shared at Horseshoes and Handprints. Each experience builds confidence that each of us can be who we really are in this amazing place.

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