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An Irish Draught X Cob born on the 27th January 1999 Cracker is very strong and steady. He was named Cracker as he was due to be born at Christmas. He was very ill after he was born and for a week his owner slept with him to make sure he had his medicines every two hours. He has always been very curious getting himself into all sorts of mischief. The first time, being driven away on the back of a trailer by the hayman unaware he was there, climbing into the tractor buckets or going anywhere a horses shouldn't, showing no fear of anything at all.
He used to love playing football as a baby and still does now.
Cracker loves attention, food and cuddles and has an amazing ability to remain calm and unnerved when chaos is around him. He is regularly used for double riding in walk and trot and is currently being schooled to a higher level. He long reins well and is great for sensory work and is often painted and decorated with multi coloured pipe cleaners, ribbons, and left over christmas tinsel.

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